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Chinese Type 53 Refinish:

The Chinese Type 53 rifle is basically a licensed copy of the Russian Mosin Nagant M1944. We picked up a surplus example, dated 1956, for about $125. As you can see from the picture below, it's not exactly what you'd describe as 'Perfect'.

Chinese Type 53

If the rifle had any significant collector value at all we wouldn't even dream of refinishing it, but this was bought as a range gun, and this particular rifle is in pretty bad shape.

Break out the Klean-Strip KS-3, a very light sanding, followed by 4 coats of Amber Shellac, and a final rub down with 0000 wire wool. We now have a rifle that no longer looks diseased:

Chinese Type 53

Surprisingly the metal was in decent shape, and still had most of it's finish. Shoots straight too, not bad for a few dollars with or chemicals/shellac and an hours work.

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